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Top Eighteen Reasons to build a custom-made home


New homes these days offer more benefits than they did in the past. Here we give you the top eighteen reasons why people prefer to buy new homes instead of buying used houses.


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  • Plan your dream home your own way: Why should you agree to anybody else’s choice when you can select the counter-tops, appliances, carpets and flooring that you want? When you are planning to design your house you decide about the kind of lighting, bath and kitchen fixtures, etc. you want to see in your house. Your new home will represent your style and not someone else’s choices.Source:              
  • Choose a floor plan and room layouts according to your desire: It is up to you if you are looking for a master bedroom on the first floor or the second floor. You can even add the closets and if you are looking for high ceilings and luxurious master bath like a resort it’s all yours. May be you are looking to build a sitting room with a fireplace in your suite which may open to your patio or pool. It is always easy when you build your home your own way.Source                source:
    • The all new home is under warranty: It is very much evident that a used house has worn out products which will need to be upgraded. If you look at your new home and its products, they all are all new and under warranty. If you look at the roof, appliances, water heater and counter-tops of your new home, they all come with the latest design and are built with good building materials to give you comfort and enjoyment.source: green
    • Savings on energy and cost: Nowadays news homes are very much more energy efficient than the homes built five of ten years ago. Why have single pane windows which leaks energy out of your home when you can design your new home with properly insulated windows and walls that keeps your indoor environment very comfortable and saves you money by keeping all the energy used for heating or cooling your home inside so that it is not wasted.  These days’ special window coatings and inert gases between the layers of glass are available which saves you both money and energy in the heating and cooling seasons. The new homes come with energy efficient windows and doors along with better insulation technology. They also have highly efficient new appliances and modern heating and cooling systems which boosts your energy savings and saves money on your bills.source
  • The quality of air inside and comfort: If you look at the homes built today, they are in accordance to strict energy standards and codes. These homes are a perfect blend of high-performance energy and excellent air filtration. As a result you get great comfort and better indoor quality for the entire year.
  • Maintenance is low: The new homes are just similar to new cars. The new cars of today are more reliable as they are equipped and designed with computers. The new homes of today have high ceilings and open floor plans which give the clear picture of modern living. In addition these new homes are made with excellent building products which do not require much maintenance.
  • Amenities for community: Most of new homes we build today around the Edmonton community are in well planned communities which are under an area master plan that provides pools, club house, outdoor parks, hiking trails, community shopping center, schools , public transport, etc.
  • The technology and design is advanced: You can always replace all the single panes windows of a used home with high-performance windows. In addition you can always add insulation to an old house. It is always an expensive affair to replace old appliances, counter-tops and cabinets in an old house. You would also not have the high ceiling which you always want to have. These are all the reasons to build a custom-made home.
  • Safety: These days you will find excellent circuit breakers in new homes. These include electric garage openers with infrared beams that stop if an object or a child gets too close. These days you also have good quality furnaces and air-conditioners. If you talk about cabinets, paints and carpets of new homes they all come with less volatile organic compounds which make you and your family breathe easily.
  • The feeling of new home: As far as the used home is concerned it was not your dream and so it reflects somebody else’s choices and memories. You may like to live in a used home as at times you may develop a liking for a blue colored appliance or you may want to wipe off the stains from the cabinet. But the fact is that majority of the people want to live in a new house. It is for sure that you have not been to a departmental store to buy used clothes or you have paid more to a dealer to buy a used car than a new one.
  • New style: If we talk about new homes they offer the latest design and style along with great quality and comfort. These new homes provide a lifestyle which does not need any care and you are not required to work on it.
  • For your health: As compared to old homes new homes have better air filtration which gives healthy quality of indoor air. In addition the green building materials and technologies used assures that you and your family members live in a healthy and safe atmosphere.
  • Room to entertain: Now those days have been gone when you use to cook alone in the kitchen and the guest use to sit in separate rooms. These days many new homes come with open-concept layouts which allow you to spend time with the guest while you entertain your guests.
  • Get-rid of the endless to-do list: Nobody would like to work on household fix-it projects after the week days. It is quite obvious that after working hard for a week you want to have fun on the weekend. Now new homes are equipped to accommodate that. As everything is new you don’t have a to-do list of things to fix. You can simply relax and feel the comfort with your family and friends.
  • Quality which is simply great: Work with a custom-builder you can trust. We work with you through the complete process and ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the new house of your dreams. As you see the house being built from the foundation to the installation of the roof, you can trust that your home it built in the right manner.
  • Wise investment: If you renovate a used home you end up paying cash or taking a home improvement loan at a higher interest rate. A new home has a high resale value and allows you to have appreciation in the cost which you can use to pay your mortgage.
  • Peace of mind: New homes come with good warranty which ensures that your home remains intact for many years to come. You need not worry about the expensive replacements and repairs and damaged worn out materials.
  • It’s your dream you and you should fulfill it: Whether it’s the closets, the color of the counter-tops of kitchen or the finishes in your bathroom it shows your personality and style of living.

Now, we would like to ask you, what are some features that you would like to have on your dream house? Comment below and share it with us.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baffling Home Design DIYers Fails Show Why You Need a Designer

Hilarious hiccups and blunts can be spotted anywhere. Let’s see some epic home design DIYers fail, that show why you need designer to design your home. We truly hope you will enjoy them, as much as we did.


1At first sight, someone would presume these attic windows might be implying some hidden context. What could it be, if I only knew?!

Photo: Bad Realty Photos/Twitter


2Having a usual refrigerator placement, like everybody else, is so dull, these days. Whether it is a unique choice or just an unusual one, it is yours to decide.

Photos: imgur

3A brand new waterfall trait is available not just on this bathtub, now it can be installed on almost any given luxurious bathtub. So do not hesitate to call and get this unique feature, even today!

Photo: imgur

beth and kitchenHave you ever wondered, why can’t you wash your cloths at the same time, whilst cooking? Apparently, somebody did as well.

 Photo: imgur

comodeThese bathroom parts working together in harmony, to create an ideal view. Just hope, you don’t have to fix your toilet.

Photo: imgur

drive wayI don’t know why people look so confused, while looking at my driveway. I just do not own a car.  Photo: houselogic


DrwawersWe are sure, this unique design has a special meaning and job to fulfill.  Though, we are still figuring it out. 

Photo: Pinterest

globe pensinThe owners put great effort in choosing their new chandelier, wondering in shock, why don’t the guests appreciate this magnificent piece of art.

Photo: imgur
imagesEverywhere, the most important thing is that safety should be on the first place. I seriously meant: everywhere.

Photo: imgur

poorly-carpeted-stairsBeing either a budget cut or a well thought prank, the angle here, is a very important issue. Nevertheless, it is always advised to watch your step.

Photos: imgur


6f075c3f6d87d26c4484a2aa2b7f1455Seriously, if you do not close the gate, God knows who may wonder in or intrude at any moment  Photo: sookut



9fb9d1d6a46bd2e3b63222577cbac4b8But this just wasn’t thought through well. It would be the best decision to get those door-curtains, as soon as possible. 

Photo: imgur

41ea3fab0942e9050432bb212f53e25aThis picture illustrates, how by simply placing a phone and thermostat at a strange place, we can get a proper healthy stretch, every time we have to use them. Genius!  

Photo: imgur


045a376a9de4d1d158c83174f8eaedfeSome would think arrow holes were outdated a couple of centuries ago, but clearly they were definitely wrong.

Photo: imgur


862c337624413671b919dbf13ad57acdCompromise and witty thinking are one the center pieces of success, in today’s time.

Photo: imgur


4256d206958d73ba3acb2dde5b6f4084While some people look at this picture, and might think the balconies are badly designed. Others would say it is a perfect way for neighbors to communicate and spend time together more frequently!

Photo: imgur

14767ec2090e50484365dedb7b812739Guests usually act weird, when I explain that I had to free-up some space, in the bathroom. Photo: imgur


standout-tile1Everybody wants to stand out, to be unique. Tiles can also be special and chase the dreams, they fantasize about. #Motivation

Photo: imgur


bathroom-fail I just hope this was a bathroom-space-issue, not intended for use, whilst in the bathtub. I sincerely, hope so… Photo: lolntroll


f602ceca70faacadfc78cfcdb8963fbcThe same could be said for showering. Practicality and multi-tasking is of paramount value! Photo: imgur


home-design-fail-featured-200x130But this may just be awkward, if somebody decides they want to take a shower, instead of having a meal with the family. Or even so, is it genuinely designed to do both, at the same time?! 

Photo: imgur


home-fail-2Professional working environment is very important, even when in the toilet. You never know, when unexpected work, might show up.

Photo: homeownernut


images (1)The home owner thought, that it was quite a mistake not offering coffee to the handyman, since they scheduled so early.

Photo: HadOneJob


Now what you think? Do you still want to design your home at your own without planning? Or you need a designer to do the job.  Leave your opinion in the comment section, please.