Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baffling Home Design DIYers Fails Show Why You Need a Designer

Hilarious hiccups and blunts can be spotted anywhere. Let’s see some epic home design DIYers fail, that show why you need designer to design your home. We truly hope you will enjoy them, as much as we did.


1At first sight, someone would presume these attic windows might be implying some hidden context. What could it be, if I only knew?!

Photo: Bad Realty Photos/Twitter


2Having a usual refrigerator placement, like everybody else, is so dull, these days. Whether it is a unique choice or just an unusual one, it is yours to decide.

Photos: imgur

3A brand new waterfall trait is available not just on this bathtub, now it can be installed on almost any given luxurious bathtub. So do not hesitate to call and get this unique feature, even today!

Photo: imgur

beth and kitchenHave you ever wondered, why can’t you wash your cloths at the same time, whilst cooking? Apparently, somebody did as well.

 Photo: imgur

comodeThese bathroom parts working together in harmony, to create an ideal view. Just hope, you don’t have to fix your toilet.

Photo: imgur

drive wayI don’t know why people look so confused, while looking at my driveway. I just do not own a car.  Photo: houselogic


DrwawersWe are sure, this unique design has a special meaning and job to fulfill.  Though, we are still figuring it out. 

Photo: Pinterest

globe pensinThe owners put great effort in choosing their new chandelier, wondering in shock, why don’t the guests appreciate this magnificent piece of art.

Photo: imgur
imagesEverywhere, the most important thing is that safety should be on the first place. I seriously meant: everywhere.

Photo: imgur

poorly-carpeted-stairsBeing either a budget cut or a well thought prank, the angle here, is a very important issue. Nevertheless, it is always advised to watch your step.

Photos: imgur


6f075c3f6d87d26c4484a2aa2b7f1455Seriously, if you do not close the gate, God knows who may wonder in or intrude at any moment  Photo: sookut



9fb9d1d6a46bd2e3b63222577cbac4b8But this just wasn’t thought through well. It would be the best decision to get those door-curtains, as soon as possible. 

Photo: imgur

41ea3fab0942e9050432bb212f53e25aThis picture illustrates, how by simply placing a phone and thermostat at a strange place, we can get a proper healthy stretch, every time we have to use them. Genius!  

Photo: imgur


045a376a9de4d1d158c83174f8eaedfeSome would think arrow holes were outdated a couple of centuries ago, but clearly they were definitely wrong.

Photo: imgur


862c337624413671b919dbf13ad57acdCompromise and witty thinking are one the center pieces of success, in today’s time.

Photo: imgur


4256d206958d73ba3acb2dde5b6f4084While some people look at this picture, and might think the balconies are badly designed. Others would say it is a perfect way for neighbors to communicate and spend time together more frequently!

Photo: imgur

14767ec2090e50484365dedb7b812739Guests usually act weird, when I explain that I had to free-up some space, in the bathroom. Photo: imgur


standout-tile1Everybody wants to stand out, to be unique. Tiles can also be special and chase the dreams, they fantasize about. #Motivation

Photo: imgur


bathroom-fail I just hope this was a bathroom-space-issue, not intended for use, whilst in the bathtub. I sincerely, hope so… Photo: lolntroll


f602ceca70faacadfc78cfcdb8963fbcThe same could be said for showering. Practicality and multi-tasking is of paramount value! Photo: imgur


home-design-fail-featured-200x130But this may just be awkward, if somebody decides they want to take a shower, instead of having a meal with the family. Or even so, is it genuinely designed to do both, at the same time?! 

Photo: imgur


home-fail-2Professional working environment is very important, even when in the toilet. You never know, when unexpected work, might show up.

Photo: homeownernut


images (1)The home owner thought, that it was quite a mistake not offering coffee to the handyman, since they scheduled so early.

Photo: HadOneJob


Now what you think? Do you still want to design your home at your own without planning? Or you need a designer to do the job.  Leave your opinion in the comment section, please. 

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